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Arts and Communication

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Principalship of University Extension.

Arts and communication are developed in the Principalship of University Extension. This is one of the main aspects of work of the Cuban Higher Education, which is constantly evolving and tries to have its fitting  place. Its fitting place as an educational process of integration. It promotes culture both in and out the community and it changes its social environment; it guides the recreation and restates the identity values in a harmonious balance and correspondance to our political and ideological approach. Among its responsabities, there are the following:

  • To organize the Extension taking into account the school process.
  • To broaden the alternatives for the cultural beating of the University professionals and the citizens in general.
  • To promote the scientific results and the technological innovations, and also the extracurricular activities, which goes in favor of the highest development of students.
  • To boost the creation and performance of cultural university institutions.
  • To increase the creation of extensive projects, by stimulating the investigation in this area with the introduction and generalization of its results.
  • To develop an internal and external system of communication to make possibe the dialogue and participation, besides the spreading of all the daily works in the university and the community.
  • To implement the spreading of national and international educational campaigns.

 The Cujae has consolidated as a reference center because of its results in the University Extension. It shows a massive Amateur Artists Movement both in the workers and the students spheres; they are 18 institutions with important prizes at the institutional, provincial, and national levels in music, theater, dance, plastic arts, and literature. Besides, this Management offers six courses on Artistic Education to engineers and architects, thus contributing to a much more diverse cutural heritage.

 The actions in the program comprise the University Fora of Science and Technology and the ones of History and Pedagogy. Every time, they get more and more recognized because of their organization, rigor, and prizes for its resuts. The promotion activities are held systematically and they include in their schedule from talks, workshops, and literary contests to performances, concerts, plastic arts exhibitions, film premiers, dancings, and other forms of individual and group creation.

 The Cujae develops more than 70 socio- cutural community projects. Twelve honorable faculties have been created in order to study and record the work of prestigious personalities and their integration to the present.

 Our six faculties, specially the Faculty of Overage Adults have incorporated the University Extension to their educational process. This is shown throuhg the work of students and teachers who are incorporated to different institutions, enterprises and industries, and develop their investigations by giving answers to social needs. Thus, we have the revival and urban development projects in neighborhoods of the city; the diagnosis, maintenance and repair of buildings; studies about the environment; treatment and use of residuals; facilitation of computer courses fo the community, and also the creation of web pages for libraries and sites of municipalities; besides the educational softwares applicable to different kinds of teaching.

 Communications continue to evolve in the Center after the implementation of the TIC. As an example we have a well-known Intranet and more than 25 websites of the different areas. Six magazines about engineering and architecture are edited; also an oficial report: Dimensión; digital TV news are updated with all the current university life; and there is an increasing email system. All these aspects contribute to have a higher flow of information and to interact with the community, allowing an ambiance of dialogue, participation and comprehension of the actions in order to share common goals.

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