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 The physical training teaching has a vigorous sports movement with representative teams in 20 sports and endorsed by it medals in defense of the colors of the University.

This teaching has a staff made up of higher level specialists with a more than 25 year experience. The teaching categories rank from auxiliar teachers to Masters and Doctors. The mayority of them have been members of national teams with remarkable careers and sports merits.

 Among its tasks, we find: working as Comissionates and offering technical support in different sports branches and specialties in Cuba and abroad; just as they have done in different countries of the area, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile. Furthermore, they celebrate competitions and scientific activities with national and international universities( Alcalá de Henares, Autónoma de México and High Studies Institutes of Canadá).

 Lines of work.


  1. High level trainers for universities and public and private institutions.
  2.  Creation of projects in order to train majors in Physical Culture.
  3. Post-graduate courses for specialists that want to get trained in our country and abroad.
  4. Training in different sports for creating competition teams.
  5. Sport events in different kinds of sports.
  6.  Biltateral competitions.
  7. Sport tourism.
  8. Scientific events.

 Sport specialties.


  1. Athletics.
  2. Basketball.
  3. Handball.
  4. Baseball.
  5. Football.
  6. Futsal.
  7. Gymnastics.
  8. Artistic Gymnastics.
  9. Rythmic Gymnastics.
  10. Therapeutic Gymnastics.
  11. Judo.
  12. Karate.
  13. Swimming.
  14. Water polo.
  15. Diagnosis tests for the beginning and the end of the year.
  16. Touristic recreation.
  17. Selection of sport talents.
  18. Softball.
  19. Tae Kwon Do.
  20. Volleyball.
  21. Beach Volleyball.

 Sport Activities.

  1. Interyear sport games.
  2. Interfaculty sport games.
  3. University provincial games.
  4. University zone games.
  5. National student games.
  6. Champinships in different sports.
  7. Cups.
  8. Bilateral competitions.
  9. Competitions with invitation.
  10. Scheduled competitions by the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER, by its Spanish acronym)


Sport games “13 de Marzo”

The sport games “13 de Marzo” are a great sports event of this university. They owe their name to the happenings of March 13th, 1957, when a group of students from the Federation of University Students (FEU, by its Spanish acronym) attacked the Presidential Palace and took the radio station Radio Reloj. Thus, they tried to shorten the victory of the revolutionary struggle lead by Fidel Castro. Despite these events were not totally successful, they contributed decisively to the popular consciousness and unity. There, the great mayority of the young participants died, such as José Antonio Echeverría, who was shot on 27st street, beside the main staircase of the University of Havana.

In the games “13 de Marzo” the students from the seven schools of the Institute participate massively and enthusiastically to decide, through a competition with solidarity, who the champions will be. The ones with the best results are comprised in the teams that represent the Institute  in the provincial, local, and national University Games; and also in Championships and Cups in different sports.

The games show a tremendous opening and closing ceremonies and they favor a close exxhange with Cuban sports personalities.

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