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The University Campus José Antonio Echeverría, CUJAE (by its Spanish acronym), was inaugurated on December 2nd, 1964. This center received the engineering and the architecture students.


It was a noble gesture to pay homage by using his name, to an undisputed student leader who became a symbol of the Cuban youth. He died fighting for the Cuban liberty. His legacy placed the political commitment and the human quality at the highest level.


That is how the CUJAE sprung up; it is characterized by a vocation for the homeland, confidence in the future, and the constant aspiration of growing.


After forty- eight years of our beginning, our goal is still the same, to form competitive professionals, with a scientific thought and committed to developing our society.


For more than four decades, there have been a lot of changes regarding content, enrollment, teaching methods, perspective, and communication which has permitted to place the University in an accessible network. That is why we take advantage of this possibility to increase our contacts, exchanges, and to strengthen the relations in fruitful talks.


Our University opens its doors for the visitors to have the opportunity to enter and approach to the institutional features, to go all over the faculties, to share our campus, to know our cultural identity, and to identify common objectives. We build this bridge with a great optimism not only to show you our specialties and work but also to join forces as a response to the call of the nowadays Higher Education which demands for facing the future in a different way and fulfilling with the tasks assigned to the technical and social education.


Be welcomed to the Higher Technical Institute José Antonio Echeverría, Cujae,




PhD. Alicia Alonso Becerra

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